Be Thy Lover and Healer of Self


Victoria Guidi

Ayurvedic Health Counselor, carrier of the BRCA2 gene mutation, and dedicated to supporting women’s health

I love you, sweet womb.

You are my center. My power. My femininity.

My lineage.

My memory. My creativity.

My brilliant gift to this world.


When my mother was first diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer at the age of 63, she treated the cancer as a monster that had no place in her body. She spoke to it, saying, “ok now, monster, time to go, there’s no room for you here.”

But, the gene that caused her cancer was always there. It was always a part of her. It had just become disconnected, when the system stopped working as a whole. Suddenly isolated, no idea that it was part of something larger, it was now, according to itself, the only cell left alive. And being so damaged and unable to repair itself, what was it to do, but try to survive?

This cancer may come to me. But it was always a part of me. And if it arrives, I will welcome it, and love it, and tend to it with brilliant heart-light.

Ayurvedic Medicine

The ancient wisdom-science of Ayurveda works from a simple truth: when something goes out of balance, the opposite quality is needed to restore balance. It teaches that when there is dis-sease in the body, it relocates to the weakest place. Therefore, keeping the body loved, nurtured, strong, lubricated, flowing, clean is essential. The system uses diet and herbs, circadian rhythms, self-care practices, sense therapies, yoga, meditation, and more to create harmony and balance in the body, facilitate healing and maintain longevity.

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How my journey began…

BRCA2, the reproductive gene responsible for my mother’s death, and that I also carry, was the door that opened me onto this path.


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