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Women are the guardians of sacred healing.It is in their instinctual and intuitive nature.

Be Thy Lover & Healer of Self


Victoria Guidi, AHC

Carrier of the BRCA2 gene mutation Dedicated to reconnecting women to their natural rhythms, their intuitive wisdom, and their formidable well of healing power

We have been taught the myth of the medical gods—that doctors know more than we do about our bodies, that the expert holds the cure…. We live in a society in which so-called experts challenge and subordinate our own judgment and in which our ability to heal or stay healthy without constant outside help is not honored, encouraged, or even recognized.
— Christiane Northrup, from Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom


The ancient wisdom-science of Ayurveda works from a simple truth: when something goes out of balance, the opposite quality is needed to restore balance.

The expansive system of Ayurvedic Counseling uses diet and herbs, body cleansing routines and detoxes, self-care practices, sense therapies (sound, color, aroma), yoga, meditation, breath work, and more to create harmony and balance in the body, facilitate healing, maintain longevity, brighten the heart, expand consciousness, and open to the Whole.

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I have come to absolutely know this truth within my Being:

Awareness is everywhere. It is in our bodies, everywhere— in every organ, in every cell. It is accessed not through thinking, but through FEELING. When we truly learn to quiet the mind and open to our feeling awareness, something happens. A softening. A remembering. A reuniting. A knowing.

This awareness, it speaks to us, and we realize it is our messenger, our guide.

This is the most powerful form of healing.

On the path of practice, we adopt the belief that disease happens from within, and so must any cure. We decide that any lack of peace or dis-ease or illness becomes an occasion to go deeper into ourselves, to examine where we must make changes in order to heal our bodies, feelings, and lives. We accept that our ailment is an assignment, and that to complete it satisfactorily, we must do research into it and into ourselves. Each of us in unique; no one else can complete our assignment for us.
— Maya Tiwari, from The Path of Practice

BRCA2, the reproductive gene responsible for my mother’s death, and that I also carry, was the door that opened me onto this path.


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