How I Came to Ayurveda

I was called to this work by a history of hereditary cancer in my family, and I am in it for the long-haul. 

I’ve had an interest and rudimentary practice of Ayurveda for many years, through Yoga practice. But it wasn’t until my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in 2010  and she sought a holistic approach to healing that I looked more closely at Ayurveda. 

Then I learned that my mom’s mother and grandmother both passed of ovarian cancer, so it became apparent that my three sisters and I get tested.  

The results revealed that I carry BRCA2, the reproductive gene responsible for the deaths in my maternal lineage. I was told what I could do moving forward, from a Western medical perspective (scans and tests every year, mastectomy, hysterectomy). But on my own, health-wise, as a preventative measure, I was not given guidance. 

I had a choice. When my mother was diagnosed, the cancer had far advanced in her body. The integrative-holistic approach she took on was well intended and made good sense, but it was too late. Had she been engaging in this kind of lifestyle prior to her sickness, then perhaps she would have noted the signs sooner and her body would’ve naturally been in a stronger position to fight the cancer. Or maybe it would have never surfaced.

My mother passed away in 2014. Soon after, dedicated to my own health and healing, and guided by something so much larger than myself, I began to study and practice Ayurveda. Coupled with a dedicated Hatha Yoga and meditation practice of nearly 15 years, this work is an evolution of health and healing that extends way beyond my physical body.   

I am utterly committed to this work, through all the ebb and flow of the process, by my heart-dedication to what my mother, in all of her generosity, could not release.


What guides your work?

Spirit. That at my core is a Soul having a human experience. And here on Earth I am tasked with work to do, lessons to learn, difficulties to transcend, karma to burn, blocks to open, love to give, laughter to share.

 Remembering this lightens everything up and allows me to let go more easily while opening more fully to all of the experience. 

 What is it exactly that you do as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor?

The scope of my practice focuses on preventative medicine, lifestyle transformation, and the promotion of health and wellness. In other words, I help people understand themselves better so that they can be healthier in their bodies and minds.  I help people grow feeling awareness of their internal systems, so they can start to sense the little things that throw them off and correct them on their own, naturally.

 What is your focus as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor?

My focus is on women’s health and creating/growing/supporting an interior that is expansive, strong, resilient, flowing, brilliant, harmonious. My guidance is towards being in natural rhythm with the organic functioning of our bodies, in sync with Nature’s rhythms, and aligned with Cosmic Intelligence.

 Do you treat disease?

Not yet. I am currently in my clinical year of study. Once I enter internship, I will work with patients on the management of disease. 

What if I have a chronic illness or disease. Can I still work with you?

Yes, you absolutely can! Ayurvedic Counseling is a fantastic support. It is preventative medicine that uses Nature as the guide. 

When working with you, what does it look like?

Like boot camp. 

Just playing.

I meet you where you’re at, and we take it one step at a time. There is no trying to get anywhere or fix anything. This creates stress, and we don’t want that. Stress contracts the body and blocks key communication channels between systems.

Why is addressing digestion first so important?

A healthy gut = a healthy immune system. The gut is the front end of the immune system. It’s our largest barrier between who we are and who we’re not. And just behind the intestinal lining is 70% of our immune system. If the digestive system is compromised anywhere along the tract, the entire body’s health is also compromised. 

Education and memberships

I received my Ayurvedic Health Counselor certification through the California College of Ayurveda — the first state approved Ayurvedic college in the U.S.

I am a devoted Hatha Yoga student, with primary guidance by master teacher Sofia Diaz.

I hold a Masters Degree in Elementary Special Education from Mercy College and a Bachelors of Arts Degree with a concentration in Creative Writing from NYU.

I have studied extensively, and completed a SATYA training, with Tias Little.

I completed my 200-hr YTT with Sequoia Henning.

I completed a 100-hr YTT with Maty Ezraty.

I completed an Advanced Chakra Yoga training with Anodea Judith and Todd Norian.

Practitioner Member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA).

Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with the Yoga Alliance.