Hatha Yoga is union through discipline of love-will. It is one of the four paths of Yoga, and its system, which includes asana, pranayama, mudra, and meditation, is a purification of body-mind to attain commUnion with What Is. It is a practice of utter devotion. On the mat, we aim toward transcending our greatest limits without trying to perfect or fix. We come face-to-face with what we do nearly 24 hours a day, with our thoughts, bodies, emotions, and spirit. We grow feeling-awareness of the patterns of perpetual self-contraction and closure we create and bust through them with heart-will. We learn to discriminate between illusion and reality and truly follow what feels good, through all the intensity. While the postures have many great healing benefits on all levels, their primary purpose is to enable one to expand beyond body-ego consciousness. When one realizes this and applies its gift to practice, magic really starts to happen.