Ayurvedic Counseling

Let’s Have a Conversation (step 1, optional)

It begins with us setting aside 15 minutes to meet on a video call. During this time, I invite you to ask questions about my practice (both personal and professional), share what has drawn you to me, and what work you are interested in doing together.  

Initial Consultation & Report of Findings (step 2)

The Initial Consultation (IC) usually takes about 1.5 hours and is followed up in a week’s time by a Report of Findings (RoF). At the IC, I’ll get to know you. We’ll talk about your journey so far, including your diet, daily routine, physiological tendencies, mental/emotional patterns, spiritual practices, and health concerns. At the RoF, you’ll receive:

  • an overview of Ayurveda

  • an understanding of the Doshas and your unique constitution 

  • your current imbalances 

  • food and herb recommendations

  • initial lifestyle practices to incorporate into your life

The knowledge you receive from this session will help you understand yourself in a different light and better equip you for holistic self-care that is easy to understand.

This option is the first step for the person who wants Ayurvedic guidance. They then continue with the Series below. It can also be for the person who simply wants to be introduced to Ayurvedic Medicine. I will happily accommodate either scenario.   


Follow-up Visits (Step 3)

This is where the healing begins. If you choose to continue work with me, then after your RoF, I draw up a plan based on your current state and goals. Using the wisdom of Ayurveda, you will be guided by me as you open in awareness and action to a more healthful and balanced life.

Counseling happens in four areas:

  • Physical — diet, herbs, circadian rhythms, cleanses, self-care, exercise

  • Psychological — impressions, emotions, thought

  • Social — work, recreation, relationship

  • Spiritual — yoga and meditation

Treatment happens on four levels:

  1. Balancing the biological humors — vata, pitta, kapha — with diet, herbs, meal spacing and healthy eating habits, self-care routines, seasonal cleanses, and exercise

  2. Strengthening our vital essences — prana, tejas, and ojas, the subtle forms of vata, pitta, kapha — with breathwork and related practices

  3. Harmonizing mind and senses with sense therapies that promote healthy intake of impressions 

  4. Increasing Sattva in our Consciousness through spiritual living principles, mantra, and meditation

Together we agree upon an initial timeframe that consists of a series of 50-minute long follow-up visits (FUV), designed to assist you on your path. During each FUV, we'll check in with your current symptoms, discuss your implementation of previous Ayurvedic recommendations, I'll assign new recommendations, and we'll make changes to the plan as needed. I will also share with you resources (articles, videos, books, groups, etc.) aligned with the work we are doing together to help deepen your learning and experience. 

In between appointments I am available by email to answer any questions you may have.

At the end of the timeframe, we assess progress and move forward from there.

This option is ideal for people with long-standing or chronic conditions, for those who want a comprehensive guidance plan and for folks who are ready to experience true Ayurvedic medicine & counseling.

$75 each follow-up

Package Pricing (if paid in full prior to start)

$375 IC/RoF + 4 follow-ups

$540 each next 8 follow-ups (on-going care)

Appointment Usage Time Limit for packages: 6 months