I believe the Soul choses its body to experience this world in. To teach us, love us, heal us, commune with us, liberate us.

And what arises is to be welcomed and loved.

We know our own bodies best. We know what they need to be healthy and thriving. They speak to us when they are out of balance. What they say we may not hear, it may be beyond our awareness right now. But the message is there - and the more we open, the more we are able to hear the voice and tend to it softly, lovingly.

You are not alone. I walk this path right alongside you, in womanhood, sisterhood.

May the calls I have tended to be of service to you as you navigate the deep waters of your healing journey.

Ayurvedic Health Counseling

Let’s Have a Chat

If you’d like, I am happy to set aside 15 minutes to meet on a call before scheduling an appointment. During this time, you are welcome to share what brings you to me, and ask questions about my practice.  

Initial Consultation and Report of Findings

The Initial Consultation (IC) takes about 2 hours and is followed up by a Report of Findings (RoF). At the IC, I get to know you and your journey so far. This includes:

  • medical history (including family)

  • physiological tendencies (long & short term)

  • mental/emotional patterns (long & short term)

  • digestion

  • diet and food choices

  • eating habits

  • daily schedule

  • regular practices

  • relationships

  • health concerns

  • current medications

An Ayurvedic pulse reading (if in-person), tongue analysis, and physical assessment are also taken.

At the RoF, you’ll receive:

  • an overview of Ayurveda

  • an understanding of your unique constitution 

  • your current imbalances 

  • initial counseling recommendations, including herbs, food, and lifestyle practices

This is the first step for the person who wants Ayurvedic guidance. It can also be for the person who simply wants to be introduced to Ayurvedic Medicine. I will happily accommodate either scenario. 

Follow Up Visits

If you choose to continue working with me, then after your RoF, I draw up a plan based on your current state and goals. Together, at the appropriate pacing, we work to restore balance, harmonize systems, strengthen container, expand awareness, and open to greater connection. 

Follow Up Visits (FUV) are 50 minutes long. During this time, we check in with your current symptoms, discuss your implementation of previous Ayurvedic recommendations, assign new recommendations, and make course changes as needed.

In between appointments I am available by email to answer any questions you may have.


Pancha Karma (“Five Actions”) is the strongest, most important therapy done in Ayurveda. It is a total detoxification of the body, penetrating all the channels to extract and remove toxins. A purification on the physical, mental and subtle levels. A deep cleanse that, if properly done and with right intention, will do its magic, leaving you with the feelings of lightness, clarity, and goodness in your body. Please note: this therapy may not be suitable for everyone.

Hatha Yoga class recordings